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Years in Business
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The Beginning

CM Opticians is a family run optician with several practices across Central Scotland.

We are proud that we have our very own laboratory and not only do we supply our own patients eye care needs we also supply 6 other practices in central Scotland. In other words, we are not just specialist lens providers for our own practices we are trusted manufacturing suppliers for other independent practices and their patients.

CM Opticians opened our first lab in 1997 in North Bridge Street in Bathgate. We were a specialist lab for opticians across Central Scotland and Fife and still are to this day.

Lab Joins With Opticians

CM opticians proudly took over from Jones and Hoyland who had 2 practices in Armadale and Whitburn and started testing for the very first time. Our lab subsequently moved into the Whitburn practice where is remains to this day.

For over 13 years we have still to this day the remaining staff and expert Opticians that we first started with and they all are part of the CM Optical family.

A transformation in style, quality, frame and lens price for the Whitburn and Armadale practices proved a massive success and from testing only 2 days in each practice we now test 6 days per week across Armadale and Whitburn.

Our Airdrie Store

CM Opticians proudly took over the Jones and Hoyland practice in Airdrie in 2010. Again, an existing customer of our glazing laboratory we thought we could emphasis the practice and the CM optical Group by the takeover.

Largest Optician in West Lothian

In October 2015, we finalised our last remaining practice takeovers with the introduction of our Bathgate and Broxburn practices. We eclipsed the competition in West Lothian and now stand as the largest Optician in the West Lothian area.

The takeover of Stewart Opticians was a proud one for CM Optical as we knew that the close nit communities and everyone in West Lothian would now have a specialist CM practice within miles from your home across the entire West Lothian area.

Our ambition now is to focus on our practices and increase designer ranges in house and by merging links with further lens manufacturers we will be supplying independent quality products at high street prices. With the quality of lenses superior to many high-street opticians we would love to be known for excellent quality at the cheapest prices.

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